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Angus Gibbs

About me

I'm a sophomore in the Electrical and Computering Engineering program at Cornell University, originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I'm also a full stack developer with experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, C++, SQL, and more.

Work Projects


Created a web app to view interactive census data. Application included filtering, autocomplete, smart searching, Google Maps integration, and similarity detecting. Built with Ruby on Rails on Heroku, using several HTML5 APIs.

Screenshot of website created for PublicStuff.
Screenshot of website worked on for Harvard WorldMUN.

Harvard WorldMUN

Maintained and updated a website for Harvard World Model United Nations, a student group at Harvard University. Work involved integration with PayPal, internationalization, and updating the registration backend.

Personal Projects

Screenshot of Consector citation web application.


A MLA and APA citation machine that makes citing resources easy. If registered, a user can save citations to a project and generate a works cited page.

Screenshot of Graph utility.


Utility to graph data points, with the option to overlay a best fit line and an error bar.

Screenshot of FTP web application.


Allows browsing of documents over FTP. Text files can be updated in-browser, and new files can be uploaded.

Screenshot of Mapper web application.


Instantly upload an image and select a region to create an HTML image map.

Open Source Software


A Javascript library to handle all kinds of matrix operations.

GitHub | NPM


Common statistical functions, implemented in Javascript.

GitHub | NPM


Client-side barcode generator that can be used in HTML5 applications.


jQuery Accent

A jQuery plugin that allows accents to be typed as they are in Microsoft Word.



Generate a formatted Excel document in PHP.



Miniature replacement for some of the basic jQuery functions.



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